Auditory Form

is a bespoke music production studio based in Cornwall

Founded in 2012 by Matthew Dixon, Auditory Form is a bespoke music production company based in Cornwall offering a range of services including music composition and production, foley, sound design, mixing and arranging for any new media.

We are passionate about the use of genuine instrumentation and, in a world dominated by standardised virtual instruments, we strive to incorporate production values based on originality and authenticity.

What we do

  • Bespoke music composition and production

    Can’t find the perfect music for your project? That’s where we come in, crafting bespoke compositions fine-tuned to your specifications.

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  • Post-production and mixing

    If your project is already underway but you think you might need an additional pair of ears, we can help.

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  • Contemporary sound design and foley

    We pride ourselves in providing authentic sound design whenever possible.

  • Publishing and licensing

    We independently publish and licence the music we create. Have you heard something you like? Would you like to use it in your project?

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From bands and singer/songwriters to video production and theatre companies, our clients are a diverse bunch. This is what they say about us…